Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Harmonic Evolution

Reaching for a new beginning.

I pull it all from an inspired source.

Directing my hand, using this voice, leading my mind.

Coming from distant memories.

Discovering elemental possibility.

Looking into a vision of perfection.

I see a dimension of shimmering earth tones and cosmic dust.

This slowly makes way into primitive minds.

Amplifying an immense perception as one.

Expansive views taking place.

Leading directly to one source.

Delicate new lines of a perfected union.

Starting to form with powerful intention.

Amazement in every detailed picture.

Coming into effect of the energetic movement.

Colorful fields drawn in behind the eyes.

Growing beneath an organic substance.

Recalling that which we have always known.

I'm lead to the perfect balance of life and form..

For Three word Wednesday


  1. That was incredible, very subtle, very powerful...fascinating picture too!

  2. Salt protects from the sun; this fact does not reign in many minds! When we hand a galleon of drink to someone, this might seem alien, and distasteful, and might render you into a cold stupor!

    Cryptic philosophy!

    I really enjoyed reading this - you are really clever with your deep thoughts on space exploration.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  3. Absolutely wonderful and such amazing images on your blog! A pleasure to visit :-)

  4. Such a delight to read this, letting your words take over my mind and just letting go.

  5. Lots of species are depleting in Africa when you have an eye to see - they need our aid! 'Do not fear as love is here', is a message we should send!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  6. Randomly came across ur blog and its really awesome...

    read some of your works .. its exeptional..loved them !

  7. Beautiful and colorful as always...
    Love it... :)

  8. I can't believe I've found so many phrases that conjure up in me so much that I love:

    elemental possibility
    a vision of perfection
    a dimension of shimmering
    cosmic dust
    immense perception
    expansive views
    perfected union
    powerful intention
    organic substance

    -- the key is in the organic substance, at least I think so … I don't think it's a perfect balance, but always just slightly off key … and it's there we find growth. That's the mystery. :)

    What you write is very beautiful!

  9. beautifully penned poem!

    i love the perfect balance of life and form here! :)

  10. So beautiful - from the first line to the last. Life encapsulated.

  11. "Colorful fields drawn in behind the eyes." --what an exceptional line! Vivid piece that paired well with your image.

  12. ...cannot help but to think of the borg from star trek.. it is strange yes i know... but sorta the whole as one unit... each is a part of the whole... in a dark way of course... resistence is futile...


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