Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Distorted Dreams

So I wonder, could you fall for all this, or might it be a meaningless gesture? I had a dream, the one with the sounds and images of the past overwhelming me like thick clouds of smoke, no breathing, no looking beyond whats right before me.

Not remembering who you were, how could I ever go so long without saying your name? Must be said every time I close my eyes. So you may not forget me. Loving to know you go on in this world, somehow you still live.

Unrealistic points of view take over and im still drifting with forgotten dreams, and a memory I dont quite remember. I wish I could still hear your words, too far now being out in the open space beyond the immediate smoke, and I can barely see now. Reaching out into a world left behind, I left, I traveled, I ventured out into the vast unknown, and now I return with intention.

Back to the places I feel a sense of being alive, and I wish you could see me now, and not look back, and take me now. As I take you, I intend to find you as I do. Ill talk to you and you’ll hear my name, unaware but so alive at the moment of this sound, and you'll treasure this in such ways and come out like they do when I whisper your name into the places we once were, I direct a way in these dreams and your coming with me now.

Wondering if you were truly lost, I know you live inside me now, always and I am coming back for you the very moment I close my eyes..


  1. Quite haunting with a lingering ache, a yearning! Beautiful!

  2. Good one.. liked it..a pretty interesting take on 3ww..

  3. This has a dreamy feeling to it, but a haunting to it as well. Just some great lines in this.

  4. This has such a haunting feel to it, beautifully written.

  5. Very well written.

    Beautiully carved lines. Splendid.

  6. return with intention - love that phrasing and image. Reads like a starry prose poem, almost surreal..

  7. This just took my breath away. I really wish I could tell you in a million beautiful words how amazing this was.

  8. There is melancholy happiness that rings throughout.
    take me when I come back.Powerful.


  9. Quite a haunting feel to it. Nice.

  10. Very well written Isha...
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece.. :)

  11. Beautifully conveys the desperate need to cling to a past that seems to to slipping away irrevocably. Nice write :)

  12. The feelings expressed are A tribute to your motherly nature humaneness. You are an angel, and ambitions will be met with a little perseverence!

    A lovely read, I enjoyed most thouroughly.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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