Thursday, March 29, 2012

Intimate exploration of cosmic cataclysms!

Now Im just brainstorming here, with my brilliant ever expansive mind power. And I had the sudden revelation, that I am indeed on the brink of of some sort of outrageous prophetic vision..

Its been proven
Dont you know?
that 96 percent of the universe
is made up of stuff beyond human perception

I like to call it god stuff (ie. me, you, the ultimate observer, the focal point at which the universe is experiencing each individual expression of all conceivable possibility and beyond)

Dark matter, dark energy, anti matter, all of which are a big bunch of nothing
or is it?

Remember ether, the fifth and highest element? 
Remember the great Alchemists, and Masters?
They were all onto something.. 
Something bigger, yet subtle and simple, and divine, and perfect

Dont you know..
That god stuff is the substance of soul?
The impenetrable infinite source that animates all living organisms.

My god stuff is made up of orgasmic dancing particles of light, and faery dust
it is the vibration of love!
What is yours made up of?

This is not a trick question, being that you choose 
what YOUR god stuff consists of in each passing illusive moment in this time-space place.

is what you feel while wild mushroom tripping in the desert
it is what you feel on those powerful nights when the sky is looking into you, and you feel it breathe
it is that feeling when you suddenly feel as if all life
is making love with your insides
it is the moment right before sunrise when you can still see the moon outside
it is the wind in your dreams that seems to give you the extra push you need to fly, and soon it catches you like a wave, and you ride that current of free flowing energy, and you feel like a superhero bad ass!

They like to say that reality is fixed
but dont you know..
reality is relative?

Now, dont try to rationalize my thoughts on this
they are clearly irrational, as is the “known” and unknown universe
some of these revelations I share
I have received surely
in the midst of sexual climax
now, dont think I mock the divine
or try to muck it up in any way  

I just simply know that infinite being
has a ridiculous sense of humor
so, all in all, Im only expressing
thoughts of spiritual empowerment

If I were to take myself too seriously
I fear I may very well become possessed
and possession is no laughing matter… (get it?) 
it is boring and useless.
I simply dont have time for the demons
of the collective unconscious minds of
the sleepwalking men and women of this planet.

So, in conclusion, it is my great honor to suggest
that we make the best of our god stuff
we are after all more powerful than they told us

It is my hope that in the new world
and yes, a new world is emerging..
that humanity will awaken
from their dreadful state of zombiehood

We have all seen how evil, ill, unwise, sick, and depressed one can be
What we have yet to witness though is how utterly, luminescent, enlightened, healthy, vibrant, and disgustingly happy one can become.

Im not talking someone rich and famous, with a good body, here.
Im talking someone so ON top of the world that they glow!
Someone so optimally healthy that they are developing superpowers!
So internally in touch, and in tune that they gain abilities of clairvoyance, 
So immersed in eternal mind expansion that they can literally see into the next dimension!
So in love with source energy that they can manifest anything of the material realms in mere seconds at the thought of it
So beloved of all expressions of god that they become aware of real simultaneity.
So enthusiastic and imaginatively creative that they speak with the deities of their choice each night.
 So inspired that their very existence is one big walking synchronistic event!

And someone could be you, could be all of us, wait it already is? WOAH did you see that? Tricky stuff isn't it?

Going forth to Co-create my love!


  1. excellent read this saturday morning, glad i popped in here!

    1. thank you darling :) Im glad to inspire? ;)

  2. Replies
    1. SAY! Im flattered to have invoked such a feeling :)

  3. Wow !
    One the great reads so far.
    Nicely written. :)

  4. Hi,
    You have won a "Awesome Blogger Award". As it is a passing on Award, I am passing it on to you for you. Cheers' to dancing in your own way. Congrats and enjoy. Find out the award details here:

    Take Care and keep writing. :)

  5. whoa! i think you just led my mind to some other universe.


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