Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Come Breathe Light; oh creatures of sunlit perfection!


Oh yes you!

are a cosmic force

you radiate

each and every


out into

the realms

of the vast unknown

into the collective

entering the minds

of many.

I couldn't tell what you were, until last night.

Have you come to offer me condolence?

Are you mere imagery?

Having left so many pieces spread out among

lost memories

of what if's

Though offering me strife, you offered me beauty

Though offering only one part of your life, you offer me eternity

I take this with me, into my world of possibility

I knit together all the ideas of what we could be

I let it go, into the light

Where it is no chore to anticipate

Where only good will permeates

Dreaming of this brings me great pleasure to announce to you, and all those that have come before, and those yet to, that I.... yes I am the one, but just as I am, so are you, and though my insanity courses in and out, and all throughout the streams of time deep inside your formless mind, I am forever a part of your world, and because of me you will go on to become all that you may have never imagined, and also all that you HAVE.

You must go on to create, for you, for us, for them, they are all looking for you to show them, they have made you their god now, but don't flatter yourself, you are the same as them. Now its up to you to go and show them, and we all must fly!


  1. wow this is quite the verse...rather empowering in many senses you know...realizing how similar we are...now that is def the trick...

  2. Fly we must..heartfelt words..thanks for landing on my page..and following too..much appreciated..Jae

  3. This is a very interesting blog.


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