Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Illusions of loss

There came my son, to transverse time and space.

Revisiting matter of the earth

To share with me all the worlds of possibility

In the realms of light and power

Infinity taking place swarms in

Protecting all I have left.. pieces of dancing magic

Starlight captured in a crystal shard

Looking around, visions of the old shape the new

Glimpses of an uncertainty hidden inside a deep slumber

Time slowing in every moment and disappearing

Giving me no sense of reality to hold onto

Reassuring thoughts once insignificant flow evenly inside

Wondering to oneself, to myself, to him..

Where have you gone my child?

The heavens hold a masterpiece as they always have

I stand outside wanting to hold long conversations with you

See all you’ve seen, understand the unknown

Ponder a parallel universe where I might be holding you

Safely wrapped under the arms of a mother

I am here, I like to imagine you with me

I love you as I love my self, as spirit, and as everything

Nature acts on its own will, directing the currents of life

I see you exist among light beings

I know you and Im not letting go.


  1. i came in and found peace.
    outside of the noises

  2. I'll echo, old 333, lovely! :)

  3. Reading, I held my breath
    Wondering, how can words
    be as strong as the wind
    as peaceful as death

  4. Hi-ya, Eye-shuh; I hope things are going well for you!

    You write with an inspiration for others to grasp, and clasp with hands to hold this 'new from old', as in we have been around for a dominion of time, and lineges have written, and bitten apples of types, but some influence gripes with the tripes of viper tongues! (Biblical connotations)...

    I like your words, and am inspired. You are very clever: and are a wonderful person.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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