Thursday, March 29, 2012

Intimate exploration of cosmic cataclysms!

Now Im just brainstorming here, with my brilliant ever expansive mind power. And I had the sudden revelation, that I am indeed on the brink of of some sort of outrageous prophetic vision..

Its been proven
Dont you know?
that 96 percent of the universe
is made up of stuff beyond human perception

I like to call it god stuff (ie. me, you, the ultimate observer, the focal point at which the universe is experiencing each individual expression of all conceivable possibility and beyond)

Dark matter, dark energy, anti matter, all of which are a big bunch of nothing
or is it?

Remember ether, the fifth and highest element? 
Remember the great Alchemists, and Masters?
They were all onto something.. 
Something bigger, yet subtle and simple, and divine, and perfect

Dont you know..
That god stuff is the substance of soul?
The impenetrable infinite source that animates all living organisms.

My god stuff is made up of orgasmic dancing particles of light, and faery dust
it is the vibration of love!
What is yours made up of?

This is not a trick question, being that you choose 
what YOUR god stuff consists of in each passing illusive moment in this time-space place.

is what you feel while wild mushroom tripping in the desert
it is what you feel on those powerful nights when the sky is looking into you, and you feel it breathe
it is that feeling when you suddenly feel as if all life
is making love with your insides
it is the moment right before sunrise when you can still see the moon outside
it is the wind in your dreams that seems to give you the extra push you need to fly, and soon it catches you like a wave, and you ride that current of free flowing energy, and you feel like a superhero bad ass!

They like to say that reality is fixed
but dont you know..
reality is relative?

Now, dont try to rationalize my thoughts on this
they are clearly irrational, as is the “known” and unknown universe
some of these revelations I share
I have received surely
in the midst of sexual climax
now, dont think I mock the divine
or try to muck it up in any way  

I just simply know that infinite being
has a ridiculous sense of humor
so, all in all, Im only expressing
thoughts of spiritual empowerment

If I were to take myself too seriously
I fear I may very well become possessed
and possession is no laughing matter… (get it?) 
it is boring and useless.
I simply dont have time for the demons
of the collective unconscious minds of
the sleepwalking men and women of this planet.

So, in conclusion, it is my great honor to suggest
that we make the best of our god stuff
we are after all more powerful than they told us

It is my hope that in the new world
and yes, a new world is emerging..
that humanity will awaken
from their dreadful state of zombiehood

We have all seen how evil, ill, unwise, sick, and depressed one can be
What we have yet to witness though is how utterly, luminescent, enlightened, healthy, vibrant, and disgustingly happy one can become.

Im not talking someone rich and famous, with a good body, here.
Im talking someone so ON top of the world that they glow!
Someone so optimally healthy that they are developing superpowers!
So internally in touch, and in tune that they gain abilities of clairvoyance, 
So immersed in eternal mind expansion that they can literally see into the next dimension!
So in love with source energy that they can manifest anything of the material realms in mere seconds at the thought of it
So beloved of all expressions of god that they become aware of real simultaneity.
So enthusiastic and imaginatively creative that they speak with the deities of their choice each night.
 So inspired that their very existence is one big walking synchronistic event!

And someone could be you, could be all of us, wait it already is? WOAH did you see that? Tricky stuff isn't it?

Going forth to Co-create my love!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Come Breathe Light; oh creatures of sunlit perfection!


Oh yes you!

are a cosmic force

you radiate

each and every


out into

the realms

of the vast unknown

into the collective

entering the minds

of many.

I couldn't tell what you were, until last night.

Have you come to offer me condolence?

Are you mere imagery?

Having left so many pieces spread out among

lost memories

of what if's

Though offering me strife, you offered me beauty

Though offering only one part of your life, you offer me eternity

I take this with me, into my world of possibility

I knit together all the ideas of what we could be

I let it go, into the light

Where it is no chore to anticipate

Where only good will permeates

Dreaming of this brings me great pleasure to announce to you, and all those that have come before, and those yet to, that I.... yes I am the one, but just as I am, so are you, and though my insanity courses in and out, and all throughout the streams of time deep inside your formless mind, I am forever a part of your world, and because of me you will go on to become all that you may have never imagined, and also all that you HAVE.

You must go on to create, for you, for us, for them, they are all looking for you to show them, they have made you their god now, but don't flatter yourself, you are the same as them. Now its up to you to go and show them, and we all must fly!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Beneath the sweet breath

that so
lightly falls upon this feeling

A true thought so pure,

so lost
, not left unseen

though by few chosen to see clearly

this world for all truth

coursing in, so throughout

bountiful sources

here invoked, the soul of fire

and so is birthed
the light

that IS

This piece was inspired by a vision (or half sleeping dream) only describable in poetic verse
Picture credit is unknown.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nonsense; a state of perfection

Topping it all off with an idea,

an idea that can create a new world

the one thing they reach for

spoke of in times past.

The doing, move to the highest degree

where of my heart and soul

swarm to welcome newness.

Take that first breath

reconciled patterns, follow

with each pounding beat

inside the chest

questioned far too long

shall I make it though

to the next moment dear life

A question unanswered

the mind stays and must be

treading calmly

towards an opening

wider, wider.

YES, released; it is a blessing

now earned from a state

of helplessness into that of

recognition, observing

becoming a part of

that which we never looked into.

Peering into mysterious portholes

it is I, the merger, the bringer of new life

and we start again

just in the nick

of perceptual illusion.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Molecular Splendor Made Easy

Deeper deeper deeper

I call

out to those

that surround

for not that

you feel a necessary



a force

so prevalent

in nature

as I begin

to give thanks

to breathe life

into the vast

wonders of



beyond measure

beyond thought

where only such

things exist

as thought


welcome me back

into the waves

of purified blood

a body


from the beginning


we know not

of any thing less

being all that is

and ever more


changing, though constant

madness ceases

Becoming strength

enduring forever

Transcend Transcend Transcend

(picture credit- Unknown)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Benevlent creatures of dawn crazed dancing soul substance

Not only the creation of humanness, but the creation of all elemental design

I am thoughts revisited and made possible

I am ever changing, I am the moment before the sun reaches the horizon at dawn

I am the last petal to fall when the frost is near

I am the first blossom in the deep woods before the equinox

I am the beholder of all wisdom human and beyond

I am the power that encompasses time and space

I am a soft caress that lasts forever, I reach no bounds

I possess nothing, and everything in one instant

I am immortal

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Growing edges

The senses realign suddenly and what was gone has been brought back into something new, something we never could have imagined, summoned nor beckoned to.

The inner knowing, the angel voice, the soft hum of the universe, the stars that fade and come swarming into our human minds as beautiful fragmented lights resembling patterns long gone and lost but somehow surely tell us stories of our past, of our moments lived and those yet to be reached, we take pleasure in these magic moments, these mysteries of the vast unknown, yet empty potential gives hope, which dawns but makes no difference other than that which what is believed in some small place of this mind.

And for a moment a breath you take reminds you of the time where you could nestle under a warm feeling of love and sink to the bottom of a drug induced spiritual revelation, when god spoke through you because in the moments past the same god was in every living body, and all thoughts that would surround you, took you up and away effortlessly into a feeling of pure bliss, not some kind of silly human pleasure seeking cycle, but into a state of knowing that this, THIS is really it.

Thank you

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Becoming Love

Diving deep inside the currents if infinite wonder. Hidden under layers of potentiality. She held out a hand, taking it holding his breath, he could see a new vision of love. Speaking with a sharp unfamiliar undertone as though the words being spoken were some telepathic link to an unknown dimension, she simply said " This vision we create with these breaths we take is beauty, simple beauty for no reason at all."

In this moment all the bits of who we were in our past began to melt away. There was no man, no woman, there was a soul substance filled with love, which knew the deepest parts of our being without having to know at all. In an instant seeing the eyes of source within him, she was staring into herself with immense knowing. Slowly reaching out to see thousands of fluttering wings of what they had once called magic to which they would ascend.

The stories being told had no definite source any longer, now not belonging to any personal mind, instead reaching out past the elements of form and there was a soft tenderness about the way they would dissolve into each other. . halfway pretending to exist in one world, while completely letting go inside of all love.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Spiral Dancing

Feeling expansion and currents of love. Forgetting the starting points.

So unimportant to us here, where nothing but everything touches soft skin.

Rushing in to recreate the bonds that may or may not last.

Being always a different expression of a whole

I want to wrap my hands around the cords of your inner thoughts.

Entwining around and inside every moment in a micro cosmic universe .

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boundless Cosmic Flush


Where you went long before.

Wandering half awake so dizzy to the core

Knowing not of knowing truth

Knowing the ones who speak of you

Teaching wisdom living now

Expanding in direction not knowing how

This is where you sleep inside

While being part of a great cosmic mind

Creation breathing life into every piece it might contain

Beginning with nothing, maybe ending the same

Without growing fear, we let this one choose

Where the life leads with those unending mysterious ques

Lifting now in spirit and filling the soul

Effect upon all life and never reaching for control

Places where we delve deep inside a perfect source

It fades out and back again into the same unfailing force.

Here between dark space and blue skies

Beings of shining light appear with glowing eyes

A place inside where there lies no doubt

To be pulling back reality asking what shes all about.

Vision knowing beauty, beneath soft hues, a gift of wonder

Hands held high and washed by waves of love we swam under.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dreams of Strange

A dream of my love, a dream that cannot last, it was a dream of all I had ever wanted in this man. A dream last night where I held his hand, inside a non existent, yet familiar land.
in moments , everything fit.

Beautiful hair, a beautiful kiss, the beautiful movement and my every last wish. The sensations of an old love coming into life, coming back for me one last time.

It was cold somewhere I cant recall just how. Looking back on the scene I can barely see now. He spoke to me of reassuring thoughts, something of a life where love was never lost .

I had a realization, as my mind spoke to me, that this one man gave something more to see. Seeing moments inside a place we had gone, I heard his voice sing a wonderful song.

Inspiration stemmed through me, there was an ocean nearby, something about escaping and climbing down from the sky.

Magnificent blue whales were swayed somewhere in time, throwing themselves up and out in moments undefined.

Memories of looking into his eyes, taking me to a place I had not realized. A hand upon his face in admiration and wonder, the dark night filled this place with sounds of growing thunder.

I do not comprehend the visions Id seen, but I know its something that was given to me.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hypnotic love surrounding

Layers of ether

Trance filled sensations

Trance prompt at haiku heights

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Impossibities Pretend..

She reaches out
Invisible hands caress
Feeling the worlds beyond
It will be myself
Might I hear my own
She had the same thought
Maybe she was trapped
She might have been blessed
Knowing without such
Strong mess of realities
Caving in on one self
To the star where she was born
Live on hidden away to our world
Going out such in my own death
With a dance of magic life


Life is pushed into the very substance of matter, forms of earth surrounded by transparent crystalline light. Merging into power, an eternal dance of rebirth, speaking these names invoking the mother, she grieves her love, oh bringer of life, she who sustains the ancient womb, of earth magic and cosmic creation, the sun appears, a vision of love is given in a moment, she gives his lifeless broken body the power of regeneration, the eyes come open, the ways are clear, spirit reenters and the gods speak once more.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Praise to Sophia

Some forms so small but so significant
So great and large yet humble and silent
Still in each breath, giving and receiving
Echoes of her laughter in each stone
Traces of her fingertips in each sea breeze
Smooth surfaces reveal her skin,
Her many faces appearing in the earth
Elemental and cosmic frequency
Beautifully designed, patterns of intent
Shining vibrations are in her touch
Protective in nature
Her song is soft
Her love is known
Some pieces going unnoticed
Some treasured and kept
Some becoming the center of a paradise
The dwelling of magnificent beings
Creatures of magick and love
Assisting in this time space reality
She goes by many names, she lives in many things
Love, divinity, infinite being, Sophia.
Divine mother, womb of life.
Bringer of all that ever was and will be.

Friday, April 29, 2011

With Life!

Dear ones

There was but little effort made

Hindering the truth of empowerment

Contradicting power of the self

No real evil dwells here

Knowing needing knowing

All looking for more while pretending

Here they come radiating peace

Showing the way

To call out those working in opposition

“You were always here! stand up!”

Shining with new understanding

Through eyes of our own connection

Beginnings have begun

Once more the ways turn..

Monday, April 25, 2011

Free My body

Loving freely tonight, hearing quiet voices of enchantment. Inside I delve. There is something to be said for this yearning. And though reasons unclear, pain soars through my physical form and I'm brought back only to the realness of my own experience. Taking in a deep breath of pure intent, to where I no longer have a place to shy away. Reaching the horizon, I fall once more into the heart of matter. Places this mind longs to go are insatiable urges come into form. Pressure locks up these bones. As the substance beneath my skull is clenched so tightly there is no room to speak. Fragments of fallen stars find ways into my palms and I listen to them sing to me, the song echoes and vibrates these surroundings, as structures surrounding begin to crumble and fall, I am pulled downward by magnetic force, deep into the roots of the earth, I breathe, coming into a sacred forgotten land of elemental wonder, tears fall from the faces of the trees around me, I lay myself to rest, and am freed from the object of my form.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Infinite peace

Songs of earth
Outside my window. The world awaits, Now I wonder. Outcomes chosen freely. Had there been nothing to censor me I would have fought back. Always waiting for tomorrow. Yet Im stepping into source. Constant state of metamorphosis. The earth glows brightly. New words spoken freely. Nothing being hidden from us. Truth is brought in strife. Organic life breathing easily. Returning to the one. Loneliness knows not. And again we emerge. To live on forever.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Night Orbs

Silence follows
Reaching to the skies
Womb breathing life
Inside this one lies.

Light of fire, light of dark
A place of desire
balancing the heart

Calling to all, formless and form
Liquid crystal droplets emerge from the storm

looking past fragments of light
Visions of divine soul
Dancing in the night

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Illusions of loss

There came my son, to transverse time and space.

Revisiting matter of the earth

To share with me all the worlds of possibility

In the realms of light and power

Infinity taking place swarms in

Protecting all I have left.. pieces of dancing magic

Starlight captured in a crystal shard

Looking around, visions of the old shape the new

Glimpses of an uncertainty hidden inside a deep slumber

Time slowing in every moment and disappearing

Giving me no sense of reality to hold onto

Reassuring thoughts once insignificant flow evenly inside

Wondering to oneself, to myself, to him..

Where have you gone my child?

The heavens hold a masterpiece as they always have

I stand outside wanting to hold long conversations with you

See all you’ve seen, understand the unknown

Ponder a parallel universe where I might be holding you

Safely wrapped under the arms of a mother

I am here, I like to imagine you with me

I love you as I love my self, as spirit, and as everything

Nature acts on its own will, directing the currents of life

I see you exist among light beings

I know you and Im not letting go.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Dancing scarlet red beauties come alive in this dreamy place.

Entering a vortex of deep visions..

A dark scene and stranger in disguise
Taunting you with gleaming eyes

Hidden fair cloaked beneath dark colored draperies.

A figure of feminine essence draws closer..

Lost in eternal illusions of death standing near

What more truthful love have we to fear

Friday, November 12, 2010

Organic Mysteries

Creating and remaking dark places from far away
A life you can look back on had left you with no sense of self..
I watched as you tore yourself apart with true intention of mastery
Reaching the heights of boundless love and beyond
Infinite pieces of realities reconstructing themselves at every moment in time.
Familiar words you speak..I watch them give birth to magnificence.
And the previous worlds dissolve suddenly into a wisp of sparkling dust.
Nothing remains the same, watching them go on in everlasting perfection
We live on with the realest definition of magic and meaning.
In this moment I barely remember your name, though you had no name.
Please forgive me as I may forget to touch you one last time as you wait.
I mold into your beautiful form as we share an organic vital structure..
Our body will become part of the old world I cannot recognize.
Where once unwelcome and unable to see the places beyond this worldly view.
We float along into these new places with ease and purpose.
We are now one.. and as we always had been before.

On My Way

Envisioning perfection drawing nearer.

To only whisper magic words and send them up in smoke.

Tasting the burning smell of sandalwood and sweet longings.

Coming into view slowly with precision.

Silence and wonder leave space for molding desires into form.

I whisper a good bye...

Glowing white candles.. dissolving the past

Entering revitalized sense of meaning

Where creators are pointing to worlds that last.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Distorted Dreams

So I wonder, could you fall for all this, or might it be a meaningless gesture? I had a dream, the one with the sounds and images of the past overwhelming me like thick clouds of smoke, no breathing, no looking beyond whats right before me.

Not remembering who you were, how could I ever go so long without saying your name? Must be said every time I close my eyes. So you may not forget me. Loving to know you go on in this world, somehow you still live.

Unrealistic points of view take over and im still drifting with forgotten dreams, and a memory I dont quite remember. I wish I could still hear your words, too far now being out in the open space beyond the immediate smoke, and I can barely see now. Reaching out into a world left behind, I left, I traveled, I ventured out into the vast unknown, and now I return with intention.

Back to the places I feel a sense of being alive, and I wish you could see me now, and not look back, and take me now. As I take you, I intend to find you as I do. Ill talk to you and you’ll hear my name, unaware but so alive at the moment of this sound, and you'll treasure this in such ways and come out like they do when I whisper your name into the places we once were, I direct a way in these dreams and your coming with me now.

Wondering if you were truly lost, I know you live inside me now, always and I am coming back for you the very moment I close my eyes..

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Within Reach

Magical Encounters
weaving a story together
Locked into your gaze

Glimpse of my inner desire
Catch on to my riddles
You say what I almost had

Eager for feeling, the touch of skin

Hands so close, clasped so tight

Not tight enough.

Realize what you give me

I tell you what you always knew

Hear my name and wonder

Catch my eyes, nearly whisper

Laugh at nothing for too long

Longing to fully hold each other

Meet beyond our form

Swimming through interwoven minds

Here and any other place beyond this.

Prompt "Clasp" for Haiku Heights

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Delirium of Knowing

Dreams of strange essence take and cloud my vision.

Lacking in my own sense of meaning, abruptly taunted by the unknown.

Unimagined places have made way into daunting dreams.

Chanting an empowering mantra holding kernels of truth, I drift into other worlds.

Wild imaginations and faces with no sign of life.

Threading together a secret form of protection, I wield a sense of empowerment.

I myself remain untouched under the places of our higher power.

For Three Word Wednesday

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Obscured Views

Otherworldly creations beauty and wonder
Directing currents of desire
From veils we hide under

Beautiful pleasures of another time
Connecting to old ways
Of the mystics mind

Reaching lost particles and pieces true
Sensations are felt
By a spirited few

Designs of enchantment and lure.
Union of symbol and ruin
Rising from mystery pure.

Prompt "Mystic" for Haiku Heights

Friday, October 29, 2010

Known feelings nearly lost return with each slow breath

Learning the calm focused states of allowing

Directed by this organic essence and flowing vital force

Handing myself over fully to the coming experiences

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