Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boundless Cosmic Flush


Where you went long before.

Wandering half awake so dizzy to the core

Knowing not of knowing truth

Knowing the ones who speak of you

Teaching wisdom living now

Expanding in direction not knowing how

This is where you sleep inside

While being part of a great cosmic mind

Creation breathing life into every piece it might contain

Beginning with nothing, maybe ending the same

Without growing fear, we let this one choose

Where the life leads with those unending mysterious ques

Lifting now in spirit and filling the soul

Effect upon all life and never reaching for control

Places where we delve deep inside a perfect source

It fades out and back again into the same unfailing force.

Here between dark space and blue skies

Beings of shining light appear with glowing eyes

A place inside where there lies no doubt

To be pulling back reality asking what shes all about.

Vision knowing beauty, beneath soft hues, a gift of wonder

Hands held high and washed by waves of love we swam under.


  1. Missing a "t" on 'quest' in the middle, Isha...just a heads up. And thanks for a lift up! Great work.

  2. Its supposed to say "ques" as in plural for QUE
    :) ha but thanks..


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