Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dreams of Strange

A dream of my love, a dream that cannot last, it was a dream of all I had ever wanted in this man. A dream last night where I held his hand, inside a non existent, yet familiar land.
in moments , everything fit.

Beautiful hair, a beautiful kiss, the beautiful movement and my every last wish. The sensations of an old love coming into life, coming back for me one last time.

It was cold somewhere I cant recall just how. Looking back on the scene I can barely see now. He spoke to me of reassuring thoughts, something of a life where love was never lost .

I had a realization, as my mind spoke to me, that this one man gave something more to see. Seeing moments inside a place we had gone, I heard his voice sing a wonderful song.

Inspiration stemmed through me, there was an ocean nearby, something about escaping and climbing down from the sky.

Magnificent blue whales were swayed somewhere in time, throwing themselves up and out in moments undefined.

Memories of looking into his eyes, taking me to a place I had not realized. A hand upon his face in admiration and wonder, the dark night filled this place with sounds of growing thunder.

I do not comprehend the visions Id seen, but I know its something that was given to me.


  1. WOW...and that introducing pic. Love, dreams and deliriums we have, and comprehend am sure we do.
    Beautifully written.

  2. ah, goosebumps...
    i love this, darling.

  3. You have done a spectacular job with this prompt!

  4. Dreamlike ... dreaming ... still dreaming.

    Thank you!

  5. Spiritflesh rising on my body I see you have had the same dream as I...only you have written it eloquently Isha!!!

    Love the Beauty held, here within your blog pages...

    Blessings Abundant Dear One!


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