Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Becoming Love

Diving deep inside the currents if infinite wonder. Hidden under layers of potentiality. She held out a hand, taking it holding his breath, he could see a new vision of love. Speaking with a sharp unfamiliar undertone as though the words being spoken were some telepathic link to an unknown dimension, she simply said " This vision we create with these breaths we take is beauty, simple beauty for no reason at all."

In this moment all the bits of who we were in our past began to melt away. There was no man, no woman, there was a soul substance filled with love, which knew the deepest parts of our being without having to know at all. In an instant seeing the eyes of source within him, she was staring into herself with immense knowing. Slowly reaching out to see thousands of fluttering wings of what they had once called magic to which they would ascend.

The stories being told had no definite source any longer, now not belonging to any personal mind, instead reaching out past the elements of form and there was a soft tenderness about the way they would dissolve into each other. . halfway pretending to exist in one world, while completely letting go inside of all love.


  1. This is beautiful..and your blog throws me into dreaming..lovely!


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