Thursday, March 8, 2012

Growing edges

The senses realign suddenly and what was gone has been brought back into something new, something we never could have imagined, summoned nor beckoned to.

The inner knowing, the angel voice, the soft hum of the universe, the stars that fade and come swarming into our human minds as beautiful fragmented lights resembling patterns long gone and lost but somehow surely tell us stories of our past, of our moments lived and those yet to be reached, we take pleasure in these magic moments, these mysteries of the vast unknown, yet empty potential gives hope, which dawns but makes no difference other than that which what is believed in some small place of this mind.

And for a moment a breath you take reminds you of the time where you could nestle under a warm feeling of love and sink to the bottom of a drug induced spiritual revelation, when god spoke through you because in the moments past the same god was in every living body, and all thoughts that would surround you, took you up and away effortlessly into a feeling of pure bliss, not some kind of silly human pleasure seeking cycle, but into a state of knowing that this, THIS is really it.

Thank you

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