Saturday, October 23, 2010

Seasonal Encounters

Seasonal Encounters  Breeze moving swiftly Decay setting in  Taking new form quickly Haunting voices in the wind Overlooking the pit Eyes to the sky  I search for pieces to fit  Full moon materialized! -Isha.Ethera

Breeze moving swiftly
Decay setting in
Taking new form quickly
Haunting voices in the wind

Overlooking the pit
Eyes to the sky
I search for pieces to fit
Full moon materialized!


  1. I wouldn't want to think this on Halloween! Very haunting! :)

  2. This is a beautiful poem from an intellect likewise! Very well expressed.

    Sometimes when we cross a river, we use stepping stones, but some can be slippery, and you might fall in!

    Have you ever wondered how some species walk horizontally up smooth surfaces, and then walk the same way up a dusty wall! You would think, if mucas was oozing out of their feet, dust would stick to their feet, rendering them to fail! And if they had velcro like hairs, that this would not stick to a smooth surface! Of course, I am not aware of the intricities of surface areas!

    Perhaps they have a bit of both! I don't know, I'm just philosophising!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

  3. NASA can be a saving grace, as in celled kamikaze in space. Passing the sun, rendered deployment done! Hopeful drifting, to a zone shifting!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  4. wow, creepy and powerful imagery.
    lovely job.


    two awards for you,
    invite you to join us at jingle poetry….

  6. A chart of success, that was under duress, has been known for a while, to all alone and crazy smile, to their pile of... Mum's the word, unheard, so fly like a bird! Ha.

    I have turned my scar around,and now have a face, a door is ajar, to pick up pace!

    I have been a good sport, adhering to pressure, but now it's time to abort, to make things lesser! Ha.

    God night, and good bless!

    You are a beautiful person, with a star in each eye!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Cry.

  7. If you are herd, and are bugged by your thoughts being answered! Ha.

    I am a Utopian Communist.

    Here's a thought to leave you with: if you brake a farrari and porshe down, what do you have! - metal, rubber, plastic and leather! So why hasn't everyone got one!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  8. Robbie Williams and Gary Barlows new song is good. 'Busy' is scouse slang for 'police'. Stones can be called rocks! Ha.

    Just pleasant musings! Ha.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  9. I am now single, but hope to come together soon! Ha.

    Thank you. Love Love, Andyou. Sigh.

  10. I have a best friend, his initials are 'BA'. He has been imprisoned in his own home! SAD.

    We must help the vulnerable, and look after their needs!

    Thank you. Love LOVE, Andpursue. Nigh.

  11. Who would have thougt that hands were so great. I am gracefull.

    Thank you. LOVE LOVE. SKY

  12. So beautiful, haunting, mysterious - it lingers in my mind. Wonderful!

  13. I'm a firm believer in re-building, as in the best for everyone.

    Hank U. Andblew. sty.

  14. My favourite Micall Jackson song is 'Billy Gene'.

    ank you. love lov, Andgrew. Fly.

  15. Alexandra the great was a great leader, who cared for people, and strove to eliminate ruthless tyranny. He wasn't perfect, but loved people! SORRY!

    What comes around, goes around!

    I believe that if their is an afterlife, if you were a workhouse child, you would deserve an affluent next beginning!

    Thank you. LOVE love, Andshoo. cry.

  16. If someone was horrible without money, how would they be with it!

    Think you. love LOVE. AnduptoU. Try.

  17. Some people call others names.

    Nelson Mandela thought apartheight.


  18. Their are colourful whites that cast shadows!

    Tank u. LOvE love. STY.

  19. 'Tommy Gillday' si an organised person, but...
    He is a scally refered to as 'T'. They know ANDRUES mind! SORRY!


  20. Ron Kray's girlfriend and child went missing! Andrew was picked up at three!


  21. Americano is a song. Andrew new they were going to torture him until he passed, and put another heart in him!

    Andrew has been ill for five weeks, and still suffers!


  22. They were already very organised before the Krays, but hadn't reached London. The krays confronted them in the name of Al Capone to stop selling drugs.

    They took Andrew and said 'fuck off' or else! They went to America and continued a search deep under-cover. They eventually conquered Britain and else where, and eventually hacked into the pentagon. They wrote the song 'Push the button' by the sugar babes - they were going to to. Most of this was of their own free-will.

    They belive 'Andrew' evolved his piecemeal intelligence by duress, anxiety, worry, stress!

    They have been amassing a great economy by slaving people, all done under cover. They see a nice girl they like in the street, and torture her to divorce her husband, become a shit mother,and move to a brothel, a bed-sit, etc.

    They have hunted people for sport, set families on fire, and all with the fact of realism!

    They are the police and government. They are all racists, encouraging asians, etc, to come here, and then enslaving them, keeping it real!

    Watch the some reality tv shows, and you'll see sport! 'A Move To The Country', means they have been given a windfall, and manipulated to buy a large house in the country, and then hunted with lion's etc - and fed to them. Lots of people they intimidate under-cover, such as getting a girl to sleep with a lad, and then implying that they're mafia, and now he has the right to enslave that person, and torture his family, and getting them to perform sexual acts to each other, and torturing each other!

    WE eased a lot of pain for them, and made it less, but they did likewise to others. Just the egiptions torturing jews, etc. There have been a mass of torture in the past, with lots of rape. Just take the romans for instance, and the ampitheatre! Watching it and enjoying it!

    Andrews best FRIEND is SAINT PATRICK, and was kidnapped from the IRA. They were saving him to go to the torture chamber with Andrew. His name is Barry Anderson, and has such a low IQ, that he has always been oblivious to any code, regardless of their efforts. They put them together.

    If you look at 'Friends',and 'Frasier',ect. you'll find subliminal messages to Andrew.

    SAINT PATRICK was a product of DNA striving to create two trains of thought, for telepathy, with the hope of rescuing mummy. He was a devout schizophrenic, and was troubled with a lust for young boys, but he loved, and treated them gently. He begged for forgiveness every night, and was always racked with guilt. WE are that fault. SORRY!

    RONNIE KRAY is ALEXANDRA the GREAT. Andrew has only just found out all of this too.

    They tried to get America to surrender, and then Andrew turned up with TELLapathic powers. But they new previously this, and had smuggled some of andrew's sperm, by contacting him through 'Friends', etc. Andrew has been oblivious to this! WE WILL have our way.

    Andrew has been performing his skills for them, and showed them that he is a master at martial arts. He has been performing physics unimaginable, communicating with animals, but they refused to believe he contrelled them!

    Andrew told them yesterday, that he would pop around to see Tommy Gillday at five, and they thought Al Capone's hitmen were going to strike. But Andrew made him come in his pants, this is expressed in the song 'Heart-breaker'. We are attacking them sexually now for two weeks. I have an army of NORDS at the ready, just waiting to up-rise. But we want sport first.

    I'll keep you posted.


  23. All their shame is in al capones NAME. Andrwe thought this, and also that the Kray were responsible for his suffering, much to their amusement!

    Andrew slashed his wrist to his artery, and tryed slashing that, which snapped, and saw that it was a false one, and that the real one was underneath that, but as he slashed at, it really stung, and he lay on his bed thankful for the blood pouring out, saying sorry in his mind for all the wrongs he did in his life, and that he was really happy to be going from this horrible world. His artery looked like it had wire mesh around it. And when Andrew came to in the morning, with a pint of blood on the floor, he was petrafied that he was alive, as he'd been commanded to end it. And then reality sank in, and he knew they had his body remote controlled, and arteries moved unervingly, and he got cramp when being slow on some commands. He prayed for the earth to swallow him up PLEASE!


  24. They wanted to see how far Andrew would go in the name of the Krays, and had medical staff close to his door, and they sprayed the cell before hand with medical discinfectant.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

  25. Andrew told them the essence of life, and that the sea is attacking us, because of genocide, and that we need to creat utopia before MOTHER NATURE melts. MUM is still the word.

    They took some DNA, and are trying to torture it!

    thank u. love love, andew. sigh.

  26. Andrew told them that al was doing it. Later ron, he showed them he could control the weather.

    thank u. love love, andpersu. try!

  27. Al is telling them that Andrew is Mother Nature, but they won't believe it because of all the suffering in the world, they reason she would not allow this. They think Andrew has been singled out by the sea, and given queen ant DNA.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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