Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nonsense; a state of perfection

Topping it all off with an idea,

an idea that can create a new world

the one thing they reach for

spoke of in times past.

The doing, move to the highest degree

where of my heart and soul

swarm to welcome newness.

Take that first breath

reconciled patterns, follow

with each pounding beat

inside the chest

questioned far too long

shall I make it though

to the next moment dear life

A question unanswered

the mind stays and must be

treading calmly

towards an opening

wider, wider.

YES, released; it is a blessing

now earned from a state

of helplessness into that of

recognition, observing

becoming a part of

that which we never looked into.

Peering into mysterious portholes

it is I, the merger, the bringer of new life

and we start again

just in the nick

of perceptual illusion.

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