Sunday, April 24, 2011

Infinite peace

Songs of earth
Outside my window. The world awaits, Now I wonder. Outcomes chosen freely. Had there been nothing to censor me I would have fought back. Always waiting for tomorrow. Yet Im stepping into source. Constant state of metamorphosis. The earth glows brightly. New words spoken freely. Nothing being hidden from us. Truth is brought in strife. Organic life breathing easily. Returning to the one. Loneliness knows not. And again we emerge. To live on forever.


  1. And again we emerge. To live on forever.

    truly wonderful... <3

  2. a lovely & healing meditation, thnx

  3. Thoughtful words in your wondering on wandering, and experiencing in ponder!

    You know, shells protect the inhabitants against the heat of the sun, amongst other things, and these in essence are stones: and without being nurtured, species can be on a slow autodrive.

    We all have a genetic code, and if dust is to dust, and water to water, then the code for dinosaurs is in the soil and sea!

    Just some philosophies.

    Take wonderful and gentle care.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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