Monday, April 25, 2011

Free My body

Loving freely tonight, hearing quiet voices of enchantment. Inside I delve. There is something to be said for this yearning. And though reasons unclear, pain soars through my physical form and I'm brought back only to the realness of my own experience. Taking in a deep breath of pure intent, to where I no longer have a place to shy away. Reaching the horizon, I fall once more into the heart of matter. Places this mind longs to go are insatiable urges come into form. Pressure locks up these bones. As the substance beneath my skull is clenched so tightly there is no room to speak. Fragments of fallen stars find ways into my palms and I listen to them sing to me, the song echoes and vibrates these surroundings, as structures surrounding begin to crumble and fall, I am pulled downward by magnetic force, deep into the roots of the earth, I breathe, coming into a sacred forgotten land of elemental wonder, tears fall from the faces of the trees around me, I lay myself to rest, and am freed from the object of my form.


  1. oh my dear Isha, this is amazingly beautiful... the illustration fits perfectly with your words.

  2. Great expression with mindful thoughts, played beautifully with analogy; and with a touch of the surreal that you can think and feel from your perspective!

    You pull the reader deep into your text, and in this essence, your words are like gravity!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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