Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Day After

Half awake in the late afternoon. Wondering where it leads you. Your heading in the only direction you feel pulling you forward. Walking silently along the foothills of a beautiful scenery. Surroundings are a connection of beauty you had almost forgotten. Familiarity in a strange land. Places you thought to go.

It was me, I was there and I saw who you are.

As we talked in nonsense and nothingness it was clear as day. Laughing in strange undefinable emotions one moment to the next. Giving you a look into yourself with the eyes of a distant memory. I see a different sense of meaning in the story we shape together.

Effect.. I told you it wasn’t easy to miss.


  1. Wonderful picture...nice work... :)

  2. "It was me, I was there and I saw who you are."

    There are hardly words for this one.

  3. i was preparing my coffee and muffled out with introverted confidence "this is a very complex procedure" I thought those might be the magic words... but she didnt even smile. Then she looked away and started chattering like an old friend with the new guy in the office while I was literally an inch away dying beside her as she stirred in the five packets of sugar. Now she frightens me so much i stopped drinking coffee until she goes on a sales calls.

  4. Have you viewed Cheryl Cole's now single on her web-site,it si really good. She is a day ja view in my mind, and reminds I in some respects of Mary Magdaline, as she is very sweet!

    These ponders are exceptional.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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