Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eternal dream

Oh you and your non existent god. There is no man in the sky.

He will not save you.
Your tithing and offerings are simple contributions to an evil empire.

Your sacred texts are nothing but Journal entries.
Stories of visions are mental reactions to accidental hallucinogen consumption.

There is only this soul, the universe and the empty space. You ask for god? Here I am. I am your god.
I am love,
I am immortality and mind, I am thought and energy, I am gravity, I am life.

I am the fire that burns in your soul, and with me all things are possible, I possess your divine mind, all things are you, and all things are me.

I am not only myself, I am yourself, and you are everything I love about myself, you are everything I am afraid of, you are everything I have ever felt.

You are the one that always was. I am the one that always is, and there is no time,
Human life has its own intention; recognition, illusion, thought

I want to show you, how I might leave into nothingness, I could disappear into the unimagined and un-manifested emptiness right now and return to where you were the very moment the thought arose, You're idea of time does not know and control my being, for I am everywhere and I was always there, and so are you.

I get lost in myself

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