Friday, October 2, 2009

Your Pretend Non-existent Reality.

Everything was a dream, I live in this unique world, a private world, away from yours.

Creating your world, its my amazing power, I have whole worlds and ideas of existence in my own mind,

I like to see you come unplugged.
I am the authentic human being who matters most, Im dont question weather you matter or not, because as you already know you're inside my everything, you exist inside my mind, and you're here because I exist in yours. and you are the viable, elastic piece of life that possessed my inner soul.

If the only things that are real are those that never change and stay the same, and if EVERYTHING in this life changes, Nothing is ultimately real. I told you I may as well be a figment of your imagination. You give me some short, shallow minded response, and I know how much must I scream this out.. its nothing, but its alright, and its reassuring, then its safe so long as you can become intertwined.

Enter my web, come into my line, step outside of your self and come fly away with me, let me show you the ways in which things will come into place.

You might have never existed, because you grew inside me, and became me. You might have disappeared and where does it leave my sense of self?

All of your mind inside of my life is what will truly exist, all of my love inside your veins can run smoothly.

If you wouldn't have given me the answers, you would have been right, for the truth of freedom is all I need from you, and again you will exist, your here, I will clearly see you, you feel yourself, and you know of what is, and you felt nothing inside me, but you felt the source of everything, and you were still alive, without being real, you know what it was like to be the life.

You're pretend reality will create you, and a life in which you exist, and you're pretend world will create again a non existent reality, and in that will move you to put this idea outside of yourself and you will turn things against yourself, then you go back into that hopeless nothing, even more nothing then before, not the one in which im always there, your fake sense of being will bring into existence your fake sense of home, and complicate unnecessary situations, then I can promise your unrealistic places will create illusions for all those inside of it, so please give this universe back I ask you.

You now will let me take it and slowly transform it, perfectly into something real for you, because I know that's all you want, is for me to give you truth. I will give it substance and aspects, little pieces of my certainty that feels I am life, and I will assure you that I am aware of this thought and that creature.

So in a very important way, this can never be something real, unless you come inside...go to me, and out into nothing and fly all at once, you might make it true, but not as you experience me inside you or imagine your mind to be there, and to make it become self.

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  1. I am Secretia. I just found your blog, and i loved it upon first sight. I'm following you now.

    I will be here every day.



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