Monday, October 5, 2009

Melodic Bliss

Letting it swim around inside my mind. feeling the essence enter my soul, seeing my true connection with the highest elements of nature, watching myself from deep inside. catching the sweet musical ride. Coming into the ways of the spirit, dancing around hearing the voices from an ancient time. Mesmerized by wonder, memory of a liquid entity. Idea of a past fairytale moving its way inside of me, the dream state I had once forgotten coming alive again, watching the stillness, as I begin soaring into the moment of a glistening night. Recognition of a heart beating once as it stops to start again. Catching me, taking me away from the self I came to know.

Now time to pass this on, share the magic and share the silence, clouds of smoke surrounding our secret place. breathing in with simplicity, breathing out with relief, feeling complete and absolute. Standing together and apart from the mundane experience, Standing alone without a modified structure. It has no restriction, no standards to meet, letting us become one with the unquestionable freedom. Feeling the body of the substance from which this has been taken. Having no measurements, coming away from the judgment of this world, feeling the purity that has no limits.

Into the places of the magical beings, and the vast unknown,
I am here! I am alive! I am free!

Feeling it swarm all around me
, making me warm, taking me to that beautiful place of ultimate peace, without comparison. Influenced by nothing more, appreciation for the feeling of the highest of highs. On this level we see the external world with new eyes, looking into the infinite with a pure, definite understanding of this love.

In this moment I now enter with clarity, together we realize that this life is sacred, our awareness goes deeper than what happens to us here, confusion is a lost thought, now seeing the ways in how we are becoming more than the contents of our life, noticing and hearing the chaos, but only listening to the dead silence. feeling the empty space in where this all happens, and where I might exist.

Now as I slow down, forever this shall remain, catch up with me soon. Not too far out, I'll travel with you in sight, I'll come back into orbit and see you off. As I sift into the forgotten worlds of yesterday, sinking back inside myself, slowly I fall asleep.

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  1. Wow is an understatement! I really love this, you are extremely talented. I'll be visiting you every day.



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