Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Knowing Where I am

I cant ask you to find me
Would you please remind me of the importance of these things, take me the real depths, and assure me of the awareness of myself I might have been afraid of otherwise?

Where something made me feel normal, but not fully, we appreciated things no one else could ever notice, I had showed you what I had been afraid to show myself at times. Maybe there's still something I need to find.

Not being able to express myself with something more impressive is discouraging, this is all i have, this is what i am, I cant give them more but ill give what i can.

And too often I ask myself could i take it all in and give it back in some better way? Can I make it more understandable? Is there a chance that I might give this moment something special?

Can I possibly bring about more meaning without going mad?
Could I try and help something along, Can I be apart of something bigger? Would it be worth it in the end, and if so, where is the end, and how will I recognize it?


  1. Your blog is quite amazing. I love all of the photos you have here. The content is superb as well! Thank you:) I posted your link on my facebook, hopefully, you get a few more readers:) Thank you!

  2. It makes me feel good when I look at your blog.

    Thank you sincerely, Secretia

  3. i too often ask myself these questions in your blog..yes physically i am where i am..but not so sure anymore..

    nice post..and thkx for your sweet comments..

  4. Thank you! Im glad you enjoyed my blog! =]

  5. Who am I? A wanting one!



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