Thursday, October 8, 2009

Abstraction Of The Cosmos

I want to feel the waves of the cosmic oceans
and admire life's overwhelming beauty. Seeing my vision,
and hearing them call out my name, who would dare to reject this amazement?

Once you can see the radiance of my steady breathing,
you will become someone I can feel closest to, you will show me the gateways to
simplicity and put me in a safe place, you now show me the connection that I have to the outermost regions of the galaxy.

Soon this will become more than a vision, right now I am fundamentally the
same, I am in and out of this world of wonder. I want for nothing more than to stay in that place of radiant light. With all my heart I wish to push the limits of everything and float among the stars in space.


  1. Floating in that place of radiant light you describe sounds wonderful!


  2. love your blog, lady! beautiful! thanks so much for following along over at mine - namaste' - jenean

  3. Very beautiful! :)
    I suppose cosmic travelers have similar feelings...perhaps the call to Infinite is the memory of Home that still live inside us.
    Peace and light to you!

  4. Wow, this is great. I love the feeling and images about outer space and peacefulness.


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