Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Simple freedom

I am scattered everywhere, You might not recognize me. Let me speak to life so it can free me from this disease. Find my roots, don't look back to the place of desire. I will be living in an undisturbed place, where nothing can offend me.

Where no discrimination can exist
, where your unconscious mind is an untold story and a distant memory. I'll see a place without attachment and neediness, I will be able to run freely without restraint, in this place all those things I lost will be returned to me, In this place everyone will understand and accept contradiction, because its ok.

So here I can rest, because there is no right and wrong, there is just what is, and what is is all we need, its peaceful and there is no need for anything else, there is no gain and there is no loss, because it doesn't matter, and he have what we have and its all at ease, and we are free from it all. I will one day be released from this entanglement and destruction.


  1. "I am scattered everywhere" Wow to that. May you be able to gather yourself, then.


  2. Hi Isha, thanks for your kind words on my blog. :-)

    I like your writing, and I love the picture at the top of your blog. It reminds me of The Gypsy's Travel Journal. You might like her blog.


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