Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ambiguous Mystification

Seeing a whirling mass of deceit, Its tired, its tender, its lacking in clarity, its an indistinct shape I can not name, this was something unintentional, so uncertain the true meanings have been disputed, there had been a distinguishing significance about the source at some point.

-thinking the next day will bring serenity. Going on, moving on, not looking back, being bothered, pretending to be sane, being able to relate to that madness. Can one really not see it? -Can it be that its non existent, falling with nothing for too many reasons.

Now untouched and forgotten, underestimated and misjudged for its true value and purpose.
it now suffers and feels the pain you have become numb to.

Its simplicity, and its contradicting, you may not accept or understand that its alright to embrace it, and to leave this as it is. Your meaningless interpretations make no difference now, nor will they ever, because this life is untouchable and this life is not controlled or manipulated by anything in existence.


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