Saturday, November 14, 2009

Everlasing Obscurity

Bring me back into the world of twists and turns, seeing endless color,
hallucinations and illusion, taking me away into the place of excitement and purity. Maybe it was the drug, a high lasting so long. I could find my way inside of you. I could live inside the artwork, I could feel the creation of everything, I have seen it in the eyes, they were everywhere, looking at me, the real me.

I couldn't hear the sounds for so long, I couldn't taste the food, the scent made me miserable and the illusion made me feel empty, after feeling this, nothing has come close to the amazement I felt, I can feel rain pouring on me. my hair Soaking wet. I don't want to respond to this nothingness, there is empty space and rejection from another.

I don't try anymore with them, I found myself in a different world,
existing in a place of organic essence, the night was the same, wondering how i might come in contact with this new way of life.

1 comment:

  1. How are you feeling now? I hope the answer is "Good".



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