Monday, December 14, 2009

Distant places of the Shadow drifter

Here was some unrecognizable figure in front of me

Going deep inside the darkest minds. The trees here surround me telling their stories.
Curling up under the light of a cold moon. Being silent.

Falling into an unfamiliar dream. Stepping further into the unknown. Heavy beating of a drum

Existing here must mean something. At some point in time there is silence...and something materializes from the heat of my breath.

It emerges.......

Something clear, and untouched, Inspiring and curious, strange but lovely
Feeling of a texture, so smooth. Looking like the dim light of a sunrise. A perfect shape of sublimity is revealed . Soft skin brushes my delicate body. Faint smell of incense burning, slowly losing my mind perhaps. There is an open space letting in a gentle breeze. Suddenly the trees look more alive. Everything appears to be defined and whole.

I dont feel real, I feel like a fictional character in a trance.

Drifting away. Opening these human eyes.

A silent place of information and life. . exists somewhere in time.

Its there. Its purpose. Its amazement. Its life.


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