Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Unraveling a mystery; interpreting a vision of complexity

Here you cant be yourself, because you have no self.

I am deep inside of an unknown place. . .In a mindless sort of way.

Surrounded by the substance of soul
My mind swims around a field of stillness.

All the threads that bind us to existence are vivid and strong.

Secret worlds and faraway places
recollection of memories long forgotten, but never deserted.
Calling my name quietly, I hear a whisper and wake up from my dream.

You barely touched me, while fully embracing me
Waves of inspiration come crashing in.

No longer chasing desires.
What was once above me is now below.
I caught a glimpse of your dream, it was the one with me in it.

Now I'm watching you watch me, and its the most beautiful thing I could have imagined.

Meeting me where the sun rises.
Giving me reason, giving me something to say.

We dont need a reassurance to know if were alive.
You feel it and I feel it, so strongly that nothing else matters.
We are Here.


  1. You said a lifetime's worth in that poem. You are incredible!


  2. nice poem! kind of hitting on all sorts of questions of existentialism and how we are as we are and why... are we the thin space between what is inside and outside? a tympanum?

  3. p.s.
    hope you don't mind me following along with this blog

  4. Fabulous! Particularly like the last stanza. Says it all.

  5. Isha~

    I love this! It is reality laced so beautifully with the ethereal.

    I so relate to it!


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