Friday, January 22, 2010

The Darkest Minds

Death is outside my window
. Death is inside you. Fear can not save you. Ideas lye dormant inside of the substance. A loss of hope, a false sense of something waiting. Uncovering the source is the simple key. When wizards must point toward the skies, the world they see shall cease to exist. Life can be felt inside of you, it dwells here in this forgotten dream. A dream of this, we dream for you. Dream for yourself and vitality will shine through. May we try for you to understand the meaning behind this vision. Might you not be torn away. In the possibility of everything, lies the promise of spirit. Let it take you away, and lose your diseased mind. Find me inside the depths of your soul, Ill be waiting for you.


  1. 'fear can not save you'...but it can't hurt you either...It is said that we all become One Spirit, i resent that

  2. Masterful writing, I knew that death was right outside the window, but i did not want to admit it.


  3. Fear never saved nor helped anyone do anything other than die the death of a thousand cuts.

    I for one greet you inside my soul and willingly will share with you the bread of the table found there.

    Be Well

  4. hmmmm.......very powerful stuff over here - beautiful and powerful! thanks so much for following along over at my places!!!
    love your work!

  5. i liked your blog. it is very unique, i have not seen a blog like this. i have read 4 of your articles. they are pretty good because it makes me think. that is why it is awesome. keep writing. i will follow your blog :)


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