Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Memory Of A Strange Essence

The vision, it left me puzzled. Dreaming of a moment lost in time. Something of significance has been captured. A long lasting scent of beauty. Fallen curls against a lovely face. A crowded place, surrounding wanderers.

Having not been awake since the end of our existence.
The sounds of myself calling out to the past. They said they had dreamed of me. I told them, it was not a dream, more real than this illusion we stand in.

Wondering if I had been missing the signs. Unaware of the dream, traveling to secret places. Who they might be, might not be determined. Where the dream leads, it is lacking in precision.

Visiting the person we have created. They know more than I can tell you in words. The power of the dreamer lies here.
Purpose says you exist somewhere in time, you are something more.


  1. hmm I like this, so much...I've had moments...too rare, this reminds me

  2. wow..its so great..hmm..anyway..sometimes i do experience this as well..

    nice post..

    anyway..about your comment..hmm..in what way does it looks weird..?

  3. We believe we were happy at that point in our past, but we didn't realize it at the time?

  4. Hi Isha
    I really like this post and can relate!
    So enjoy your writing!

    Thank you so much for your visit yesterday and nice comment!
    And thank you for the follow!


  5. hello isha..ive tagged you along in my post yesterday..check it out..:P

  6. cool prose poem... very ethereal...

    and it sounds like a flash of inspiration coupled with questions, something from that fleeting moment between sleep and awake...

    ah dreams... bring what you will... i will listen, and try to learn...

  7. wonderfuly expressed views..m following u now


  8. A travellers time and space
    With will and want and pace
    With a muse in essence
    A realistic prescence.

    Well written, I enjoyed reading it. Dreams can sometimes be not what they seem! Thank you. Take care. Bye.


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