Monday, February 1, 2010

Portrait Of Refinement

You understand that this new life is extraordinary, this life is one to trust and to love. Can I let you see that there is more to the story to that of which you had thought to be a means to an end? Believe me when I tell you with my everything that there is more, that you are becoming part of it. A pathway tries to make distinction, taking shape, taking form, and I will no longer have to speak with my words. Having been recognized for the meaning behind a beautiful masterpiece. That not one will come into contact with another way of being, without thoughts of truth and purity. Creating an inner picture of the other end. The mark of our direction will be in the power of the extent to which we let our minds become. Let yourself fall.


  1. Hmm rings true to me except, I must fall alone

  2. I agree. This new life is extraordinary and must be spent to love others.

    Nice thoughts.
    Happy blogging! :)

  3. *points to the header/banner thing on top of your blog*

    Awesome O:

  4. Beautiful blog. You have stunning photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love yours. I will be sure to return. You have a gorgeous talent for writing Isha!


  5. awesome pictures :)

  6. That is hard to do, to let myself fall.


  7. you have such a beautiful way with words and your work is wonderful to read! thanks so much for all your comments over at my place! i am so appreciative!

  8. oh my, this is so beautiful...



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