Monday, January 11, 2010

Grasping Emptiness within Darkness

This path seeming to lead nowhere
, leads to my everything.
People along the way fade in and out of existence.

This is an upgrade.
you're mind will not comprehend it

This story is dark and unfathomable.
This darkness is not evil, its reassuring and safe.

This darkness is nothing.
I reside in the nothingness.


  1. Again, such a beautiful and unique piece of prose.

    P.s. Still won't allow me to follow correctly! It keeps going to the URL:

  2. after reading your previous 2 blog postings (and commenting), i don't believe you reside in nothingness -- you have a powerful voice!

    warm smiles,

  3. RIGHT, the darkness is not evil. It is comforting and magic, good magic for me!


  4. the dark is mostly my friend too....

  5. Darkness and isolation from light are not the same thing.They both are comforting though.
    Nice post :)

  6. I like every words, even the spaces between, that imagine looks like the depth of hell


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