Friday, January 15, 2010

Make Sense Of Meaning

Check me out, they scream. I'm here, and I want your world. There's an absence, I recognize myself.

I listen to the mind numbing sounds of the people.

Taking pieces, and constructing obscurities. No one will make sense of it, but its not to be made sense of.

You can make sense to me, I can travel outside of my own.

I can come into the web of you're thoughts, so fuck the rest.

They're the ones that know without knowing. Old friends, and distant memories.


  1. hi..thanks for dropping by! i would like to follow you but you have 3 which are you active..? pls just send me the link..keep in touch~!

  2. Thanks for visiting my site, yours has beautiful imagery. The writings are stream of conciousness. Reminds me of the blog community comments sometimes, Ha!


  3. I like the way you say it!


  4. Yeah, the mind numbing sounds they make. Fucking gibberish we are. Well said, Rick


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