Friday, February 26, 2010

The Dream Before Death

Her child came to me, she asked "How long has it been since you found yourself?" So Im now here, I have returned. Pounding steadily underneath the weight of a mutual feeling. We all know this, feel it. The last time it was all around me, somewhere lost and gone. Unforgotten, making the choice to bring it back is what we need here. Now after all of this I feel I might find out where the wrong notes had fallen.

Shes telling me to let this burn slowly. Running over the rough edges in fear. Looking at myself here, trying to find all the other little bits. Its hurting when I trace the skin of a forgotten certainty. I never wanted to let anyone realize this truth. No it was never their right to see inside, so I haven't been clothed, so I haven't gone on the adventures I had promised myself back then. I see these running images in my mind of a night that I can barely remember by now.

Twisting, Running, Venturing, Leaving the places of a distorted memory.

Here was my love, the one inside my own, out there in another dimension. My place I told you about. The love came to me, flowing inside of a little place, I had been taken someplace far away from anything I could recognize. We were living inside of a nook, little spaces in between the trees. Realize that being was something I had long forgotten and wished for somewhere in time. To push the pretend emotions aside. Nothing was there when it was in full sight. Nothing can hurt me here.

My outside love had been trapped and bound in another place. Your not coming out freely, the walls had said enough. I looked right passed the order of these things. Penetrating the source, I began to close my eyes, and I was clearly there, pretending to exist inside of an unknown place, a made up place. seeing something down inside of the darkness. I opened my eyes, the walls had gone away.

I wanted to know where it came from at one point, now finding the openings that were only hidden inside. Out there its not going to stay the same. It is this image that will die inside the secret places. Oh something sang to me the way I remembered it would be.

Think about it, whether or not it could have been an amazing effect of the world these things once came from.


  1. Wow. This really made me stop and think. It was very inspiring. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I am new here too, i left a comment this afternoon but i don't think it stuck :)
    I am quite in Awe of your blog.

  3. I had been reading through your decoding blog Isha and you can write friend!

    Then I am reading through this one and this style is written so well too. Stating rational circumstance and truths then asked all the right questions to bring the readers mind straight into the right place to see.

    It's nice Isha, remarkably nice!

  4. always such beautifully written insightful things here, lady! a wonderful treasure to read - and to browse!!! love it!

  5. Superb writing and very inspiring! I'm a fan! :)

  6. This is beautiful writing... I'm hooked! absolutely gorgeous!

  7. really really inspiring :)

  8. changed my url and giving all my followers a heads up. new url:

  9. So beautiful. You're an incredible writer and you inspire me. :)


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