Monday, July 19, 2010

Piece It Together

Become born.
Silence within chaos, a different feeling every second. Minds shifting, changing, screaming, sharing. Its the insanity of someone elses misery. Resistance. Something is felt here, left alone uneasy and frozen.

When you might be making your way inside of an uncertainty, the stories flow back into form.
A message having been so strong, taking one away from the possibilities of a forgotten past.
So if they dont understand all the places I have rightfully chosen, here I will be, keeping free.

Let it dissolve.
Do you remember the details anymore? Something will be surprisingly painful, though we cant help being happy only for this moment. Life will seem so real when you look at her and realize the one who cannot tell them these things is sharing magnificence behind everything. Sacred are her ways, she is the everlasting truth in life's form. What you see before her is an abstraction. No one has said what they meant to here. Its the gentle waves of a silent voice behind the eyes.

Its knowing too many stories too many distant memories from sources outside of my own. letting you feel the worlds of another.


  1. You totally had I carried away into your wonderful realm of existence with a keen, wondering eye, and seen wandering thoughts! Ha. I absolutely love your literary mentality of deepness with a richness of cryptic philosophy!

    I'll come back and comment on some of your other pieces.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. From innocense to mayhem and then understanding.
    The true amazing journey


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